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Baobá Pure - Beauty & Nature.

Baobá Pure has been created to help men and women worried about their body and mind care and well-being, taking care of the environment at the same time. That is why we are not just a conventional cosmetics business.

We would like clients who take care of the environment, searching and giving new proposals day by day. We address to those who, as well as us, think every body effort is suitable to change and improve the world where we live. Baoba Pure

Ecology, a branch of biology, is the science that studies the interchange between living beings and their environment. For that, it is so important how flora, fauna and minerals are used in our cosmetic. Because we do not only care final end but we take care of the whole process, from the plantation to the packing and distribution. And finally, what is better for you, through our knowledge.

We demand a responsible natural cosmetic, that joints all the power and the energy, the nature gives us, with the dermatologic and body care. That takes advantage of plants and flowers natural essences which care our skin due to their pure and natural active principles.

Baoba Pure

Ethic principles with the highest quality.

It is also very important to protect nature's and plant's balance, distilling their essences with water of vapor, getting essential oils which are the heart of the plants.

Our aim is to joint ethic principles with the highest quality in all our range of products, offering a selection of the best Branches that fulfil our aim.

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